Having established a successful course in furniture homad has created the autonomous department of homad Contract, expanding its proposals and activities in well recognized luxury boutique hotels, as well as in selected bars and restaurants.
Preserving the high level of aesthetics, elegance and comfort that characterize its furniture, homad Contract comes to offer a fresh approach and perspective.
In collaboration with well-respected architectural offices, the team of homad Contract approaches “contract furniture” with the same quality in design and manufacture that distinguishes it as a company. homad Contract has the ability and flexibility to adjust its proposals or even create them afresh, considering and serving the aesthetic and qualitative needs, as well as the peculiarities of every interior or exterior space. The distinctive design, along with the flexibility in the production of homad Contract products, ensure the capability to embrace and highlight the unique features of every “contract environment”.

With passion for interior design, homad Contract creates contemporary functional spaces that combine elegance with warmth, while they balance between modern and timeless. By using and mixing material of different nature and properties (such as wood, metal, marble, glass, ceramic surfaces etc.), along with the availability of a wide variety of fabrics, the collection of products by homad Contract can add a distinctive character to any environment.
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