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The visitor shall have the sole responsibility regarding access to the services of this website. Access to the website may require the payment of fees to third parties (e.g. internet service providers, or mobile telephony). The visitor shall have the sole responsibility for the payment of the relevant fees. The visitor is also solely responsible for his personal equipment with the necessary technological means enabling him to access the services of the site.

HOMAD commits to ensuring the privacy of visitors of this website and its full compliance with existing national and Community legislation governing the protection of personal data of visitors of this website and of the users of the services provided by it.

The use of Cookies upon the website visit is always done in accordance with the present terms. During the first visit to the website, each visitor is requested to accept the use of Cookies according to the terms described below, while allowing the visitor to be informed about the policy followed by HOMAD regarding the use of Cookies. By using the website after being informed about the use of Cookies, or having been given the opportunity to receive information, the visitor is presumed to have unreservedly accepted the terms of use of Cookies of HOMAD and this website.
The user understands and accepts that HOMAD retains the exclusive right to disable access to the services of this website at its absolute discretion.
In order to provide visitors with optimal navigation and personalised service, this website only uses alphanumeric single-session identifiers (session cookies). Session cookies are used to identify the visitor/user and are automatically deleted as soon as the visitor/user leaves the website and the use of the browser is terminated.

Cookies do not store data that can identify the user, but personal information stored on the website regarding visitors can be linked to the information stored and can be taken from the cookies. Any information collected through the session cookies is not personalised for each individual visitor and therefore does not qualify as personal data within the meaning of Regulation (EU) No 679/2016 (hereinafter “the General Regulation”). HOMAD reserves the right to collect and store corresponding non-personalised data solely for statistical and marketing reasons.
The entire content of this website (with the exception of potential intellectual property rights of third parties, partners and bodies), including video, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts and generally all the uploaded files are intellectual property of HOMAD and are protected as trade marks, distinctive features, industrial designs and models or products of knowledge from the relevant provisions of Greek and international law. Therefore, any form of public reproduction, sale, copying, modification, republication or transmission of this website to third parties, as well as any commercial exploitation without the written consent of HOMAD to that effect is strictly forbidden.
This website has a purely advertising-informative nature with regard to goods and services provided by HOMAD. Its content is not journalistic and the texts and information contained therein constitute an offer to the visitor/user and in general the community of internet users and should not be understood as valid information and/or advice, nor do they conceal any prompt by the firm to the visitors/users to proceed to or refrain from specific acts. HOMAD will therefore bear no responsibility for any kind of damage suffered by the visitor/user of this website and of the services provided to him. The visitor/user uses the services under his/her own responsibility and initiative.
The website or its related applications may have links to, and details of third-party websites or applications non related to HOMAD. HOMAD does not control and therefore does not bear any responsibility for the availability, content, policy of protection of personal data and privacy, quality and completeness of the services provided by other websites and webpages to which this website refers via links, hyperlinks or advertising banners. HOMAD does not subscribe to, nor accept the content and services of the websites and webpages to which this website refers and is not associated to them in any other way.
HOMAD undertakes every effort to comply fully with the applicable national and EU legislation on the protection of personal data and, in particular, with the arrangements and requirements laid down in the General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. In doing so, HOMAD has set up and follows protocols of operation, compliance and monitoring for the lawful, fair and accurate processing of personal data in a proportionate manner to the purposes for which the personal data are collected, as described below, through the use of appropriate organisational and technical measures and modern technological means, such as encryption, pseudonymisation, and under the principles of minimisation of the data collected, the determination of the purpose for which the personal data are being processed, as well as the storage period. To this end, HOMAD employs well informed and properly trained staff in order to ensure respect of privacy, confidentiality and integrity of personal data and of the general principles laid down by the General Regulation and to provide the appropriate and necessary safeguards for the lawfulness of the processing. In accordance with the requirements of the General Regulation, HOMAD as the controller has updated all the contracts of its employees and external staff in order to provide better services and to ensure the maximum protection for personal data. In addition, it makes every effort to ensure that the cooperating third parties which are processing the personal data of its employees and clients are properly certified and trained and act in accordance with explicit and clear instructions, so that the processing on behalf of HOMAD fulfils all the requirements of the General Regulation.
This website does not collect personal data of visitors through Cookies. Data which may fall within the scope of the concept of personal data referred to in Article 4 of Regulation (EU) No 679/2016 shall be collected and processed only in the event that a visitor requests an electronic quote for the purchase of any HOMAD product by telephone or e-mail. The information requested from HOMAD in this case is the minimum possible and only the absolutely necessary (e.g. name and e-mail address) for the purpose of facilitating the communication with the user/visitor and (b) the drawing up of the financial quote. When sending financial offers, at the request of a user/visitor and before the final registration of their data, users/visitors receive information about the intention of HOMAD to collect and process their data for the above purposes only. In addition, they are always asked to give their explicit consent to the collection and processing of their data by HOMAD, clearly specifying the purposes for which these data are to be collected and processed. By sending an email containing a financial offer, the visitor/user is informed by means of a standard footnote for (a) the terms of use of the service; (b) the HOMAD policy for personal data; (c) the rights of the user (e.g. correction of data, withdrawal of consent, withdrawal request, etc.), as well as for the modalities for the exercise of those rights. HOMAD maintains and stores the above personal data for the reasonable time required until the relevant sales contract (electronic ordering, payment of the sale price, etc.) is drawn up. In the case of the electronic preparation of a contract for the sale of any product of the company, HOMAD requests, collects and stores the minimum and strictly necessary personal data of the contractor/user/visitor (name, address, contact telephone numbers, e-mail address, fiscal registration number) for the purpose of (a) the proper fulfilment of the sales contract, (b) the organisation of its client base, (c) the handling and organisation of the orders, (d) the shipment and delivery of the goods to the buyer-client and (e) the issue of the legal purchase documents and the keeping of its accounting records under the terms of the applicable legislation. In the event that a sales contract between HOMAD and the user/visitor is not prepared (non-acceptance of the submitted financial offer) and provided that the user does not explicitly grant his consent to the collection and storage of his transferred personal data, HOMAD will automatically and definitely delete all data or information, which it received by email or telephone, at the pre-contractual stage. HOMAD reserves the right to keep a record of the consents received from each visitor/user, as well as of any later communication with them concerning the collection and processing of their personal data, in order to protect its legitimate interests.

In all cases, where the information and data is acquired by HOMAD from data subjects spontaneously and without its own participation and initiative (e.g. by unilateral and unannounced sending by the data subjects), HOMAD shall automatically and definitively delete any corresponding information received without its own initiative, consent and request.

Before disclosing the personal data of a third person to HOMAD the user must first have obtained the consent of the person concerned by those personal data, both in terms of disclosure and processing of such data, in accordance with the present policy and the requirements of the General Regulation.

HOMAD S.A.. commits to make every effort to preserve the integrity of the above data, taking every care at technical and organisational level. The data collected will not be shared, communicated and otherwise knowingly delivered to third persons, nor transferred outside the EU for purposes of direct marketing of its services or any other third party, or for any other reason, without the prior express consent of the persons concerned.
HOMAD gives the right to any user/data subject whose personal data it has collected and processed to request information on such data, as well as, where applicable, their immediate deletion, rectification and/or updating, at any point in time, by sending a written request at . HOMAD expressly reserves the right to refuse to delete part of the data if these are necessary for accounting purposes and for compliance with applicable tax legislation and for the defence of its legitimate interests.
HOMAD commits not to sell, rent or otherwise publish and/or share the personal data it has collected and stored with any third party.

As an exception to that rule, HOMAD reserves the right to transfer and/or disclose personal data in its possession to third parties only in the following cases:

• Where it has the explicit consent of the data subjects concerned.
• If this is required for reasons of compliance with the relevant provisions of the Law and only to the competent authorities.

HOMAD may disclose the personal information of the users to any official, manager, insurer, professional advisor, agent, supplier or external contractor, to the extent that it is reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this Policy.

In addition to the above, HOMAD may disclose personal data in the following cases:

(a) to the extent legally required by law
(b) in connection with existing or potential legal proceedings
(c) to establish, exercise or protect its legal rights
(d) to the buyer (or potential buyer) of any of its activities or assets, which it intends (or envisages) to sell, or transfer.

Apart from the cases provided for in this Policy, HOMAD will not make available its personal data to third parties.
The above terms and conditions and any amendments thereto shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the applicable Greek and Community law. In order to resolve any dispute as to the use of this website, or with regard to the collection and processing by HOMAD of personal and non-personal data in the course of its activities, the competent courts of Piraeus will have the exclusive jurisdiction.

This is the overall agreement between HOMAD and each visitor/user of this website and the associated services, as well as with any customer, or prospective customer of its products and services. No amendment to these terms shall be taken into account or considered as a part of this agreement unless it has been expressed in writing and incorporated in it by HOMAD. These conditions of use shall prevail over any other conditions and shall apply to all services and applications of this website and to all commercial transactions between HOMAD and any third party without the need for any other specific conditions.

HOMAD may update this Policy from time to time, publishing the new version on this site or in related applications.

The user should regularly check this page to ensure that he/she agrees with any changes to the terms of this Policy.

If any visitor/user of this website does not agree with the above listed conditions for the protection of personal data and HOMAD’s relevant privacy policy he/she must not use the services of the website and the company.
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