Beaumont mattress by King Koil has a height of 33 cm, hardness level 8/10 and has 572 springs in the dimension 160x200.

Gel Infused Memory foam shifts and adapts to the curves of the body, dampening vibrations, supporting the spine and joints.

At the same time, due to its thermoregulating properties, it maintains the appropriate temperature, offering a unique feeling of rejuvenation that is further enhanced by the cotton layer, making the mattress ideal for both summer and winter.

The Tencel fabric on the surface of the mattress absorbs moisture, is anti-bacterial and gives a wonderful feeling of softness and comfort.

The Diamond Pocket Springs system of independent springs offers the perfect support and anatomy in all parts of the body as well as around the perimeter, while the integrated Eurotop overlay highlights all the special features of the Beaumont mattress.


King Koil’s Beaumont mattress is exclusively available at homad.


Tencel fabric


Gel Infused memory foam

Massage foam

Diamond pocket springs

Euro top cover

Perimeter support

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Mattress Maintenance Instructions:


It is recommended to change the position of the mattress on the bed frequently, every three months, both the side that touches the bed and the direction of the mattress (Except for single-sided mattresses for which only their rotation is recommended – head/feet).

The cleaning of the mattress is recommended only in cases of local stains and always with the use of a special fabric cleaning detergent.

Keep your products away from dusty, humid environment and direct sunlight.

In case of water leakage, immediately use an absorbent cloth on the wet area.

It is not recommended to fold/bend the mattress or carry it by the handles because there is a risk of causing irreparable deformations and damage (The handles are only designed for placing and changing the position of the mattress on the bed and not for its complete transport).

Carry your mattress upright on its side without hitting it hard and repeatedly on the floor, as this can damage its internal structure.

It is recommended to use a protective cover to maintain the hygiene of the mattress.

If there is any excess thread in a seam do not pull it but use scissors to cut it at the end of the seam.

If you need to store the mattress for a long time, store it in a flat position using nylon packaging for proper protection.

The mattresses are designed to work on beds that are structurally capable of supporting the weight of the mattresses and users.

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